Applied Mathematics Laboratory


The field of applied mathematics is centered on the subject of mathematical modeling, which is based on differential equations and optimizations.

The subject of a differential equation is ranging from the traditional ordinary and partial differential equations to the more modern delay and stochastic differential equations, focusing on dynamical systems, biomathematics, and climate change.

The subject of optimizations is ranging from discrete optimization, continuous optimization to stochastic optimization. It includes global optimization, black-box optimization, Vehicle Routing Problem, Pickup-and-delivery problem, combinatoric optimization, queueing theory, optimal control, and game theory. We also cover machine learning, starting with the use of reinforcement learning in mathematical modeling. 

To support the above topics, we apply and develop some numerical methods, such as the finite difference method, finite element method, finite volume method, boundary element method, and optimization method.  

In the near future, we will cover Natural Language Processing (NLP) in collaboration with Gojek Indonesia. We also initiate a project collaboration with industries in optimization problems and dynamical systems. Some of the collaborators are PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi, PT. Royal Garuda Meta Semesta.