Vision, Missions, and Objectives


In 2025, Department of Mathematics becomes an outstanding Study Programme of Mathematics, recognized and leading nationally and internationally in theory and its applications.


The missions of the Mathematics Department are::

  1. develop innovative educational activities to increase educational quality in the field of mathematics;
  2. develop and produce research for theoretical development as well as to support the research for applied area;
  3. develop in general the role of mathematics in another fields and society.


Make Department of Matehamatics of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM as the best place for developing mathematics in Indonesia with international reputation through:

  1. qualified mathematics education to produce superior and competent graduates;
  2. research results which can be national references for similar fields that responsive with the society, nation and state problems;
  3. dedication to the community that could encourage improvement of independence and culture to analyze the problems which critical and responsible;
  4. management of department which fair, transparent, participatory, accountable, egalitarian, and inter-field integrated to support effectiveness and efficiency of resources utilization;
  5. strategic, synergistic, and sustainable cooperation with domestic and foreign partners on the principle of mutual benefit.

The strategies for achieving these objectives are as follows:

  1. create a conducive academic atmosphere with the intention of encouraging lecturers to conduct research, especially in the form of collaboration with various parties;
  2. provide financial support and give lecturers the opportunity to disseminate research results in scientific forums and reputable journals;
  3. expand cooperation networks with various parties to impact on the rising quality of research and education and the opening of opportunities for graduates to enter the workforce;
  4. create a relevant curriculum to the development of science and the period requirement.
  5. provide the financial support and opportunities for the lecturers to perform the activities of dedication to community;
  6. establish systematic, efficient, effective, integrated and democratic governance of the department through the use of IT, means of communication and discussions optimally;
  7. complete adequate facilities and infrastructure for research, education, human resources and student needs by means of continuous improvement, maintenance and rejuvenation.