Teaching and learning activities in the Department of Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM are supported by good physical facilities. In addition, the Department of Mathematics’ reference facilities (visit: https://math.fmipa.ugm.ac.id/library/), the Library of the Faculty, and the University Library (visit: http://lib.ugm.ac.id) have a large collection of varied literature that can support the educational and research process. Laboratory of Mathematical Computation and Laboratory of Statistical Computation have good computers and software to be utilized maximally in several compulsory and preferred subjects. Library can be accessed online containing various online journals including database archive of undergraduate thesis for undergraduate programme, master thesis for master programme and dissertation for doctoral programme.

In general, facilities related to information systems for all academic community in the Department of Mathematics are internet connecting facility (sharing all faculties at UGM) and continuously improved. Software and hardware for the learning process in the Department of Mathematics is sufficient. The learning process of several courses using computers in the Computer Laboratory, which amounted to 3 laboratories with a total of 67 units of computers. For laboratory activities, it is endeavored to use open source software, so it can be obtained free of charge, but some lab activities also use licensed software. Software installed in every computer in 3 units of Computer Laboratory Department of Mathematics with sufficient amount.