Strategic Plan

The Department of Mathematics is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), which is bound by all the policies that apply at the university level. The demands and mandates for improving adaptive, responsive, and anticipative higher education quality towards the dynamics that occur at both national and international levels are highly realized by the Department of Mathematics at FMIPA UGM. The concept of Tridharma of Higher Education mandates higher education institutions to not only carry out education but also actively develop science through research and utilize knowledge for the welfare of society through community service. With appropriate interpretations of these things, it is hoped that the Department of Mathematics at FMIPA UGM can prepare students to become graduates who have superior knowledge, skills, and expertise in their fields, able to develop their knowledge independently, and have moral integrity in serving the welfare of society based on Pancasila values.

The Department of Mathematics, as part of FMIPA UGM, also has the same mandate and basic policies. In 2019, the FMIPA UGM Strategic Plan 2018-2022 was formulated, which includes vision, mission, objectives, situational analysis, targets, and programs, and is the direction of policies and basic decision-making in the management and development of the faculty over the next five years. Referring to this FMIPA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, the Department of Mathematics at FMIPA UGM developed the Department of Mathematics FMIPA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, which will serve as the basis for the preparation of Operational Plans, Annual Performance Plans (RKT), Annual Activity and Budget Plans (RKAT) or Budget and Expenditure Plans (RAB) as tools in achieving institutional objectives. In addition, this Department of Mathematics FMIPA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan will also be the main reference for all internal units of the department (laboratories, study programs, and other units) in preparing medium and short-term plans.

In preparing the Department of Mathematics FMIPA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, this department has invited and discussed with several relevant stakeholders from several universities (Diponegoro University and Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya, Tadulako University), and the industrial world. These stakeholders are partners, alumni, and users of alumni who have played a significant role in developing the faculty.

The strategic plan file for the Department of Mathematics UGM can be downloaded from the Mathematics Department FMIPA UGM 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.