Uha Isnaini


Number Theory and Algebra


  • Undergraduate: Department of Mathematics, UGM
  • Master : Department of Mathematics, UGM
  • Doctoral : Mathematics and Mathematics Education, NIE – NTU Singapore

Dr Uha Isnaini is an Assistant Professor at Algebra Laboratory, Department of Mathematics, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. Dr Uha received his PhD in pure mathematics from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His main research interests is on partition functions, congruences and algebraic number theory. He also has interests in algebra research, such as ring theory and module theory.

Currently, he is a co-chair of Indonesian Algebraic Society (IAS). He was the chair of Indonesian Algebraic Society region Yogyakarta and Central Java in 2021-2022. In Indonesian Mathematical Society, he served as coordinator of media and information technology.

Dr. Uha received Dean Commendation award three times from National Institute of Education, Singapore. He was awarded people choice for poster presentation in Graduate Student Conference 2018 conducted by National Institute of Education, Singapore. He also won poster presentation in the 9th Singapore Mathematics Symposium 2018, conducted by Singapore Mathematical Society in 2018.

Research interests

Uha’s initial research interest was ring theory and module theary. In the early years of his faculty career, he devoted much attention to properties of associated prime over module. He also worked on clean ring, especially clean ideal and n-clean ideal.

While ensemble learning continued to captivate his curiosity, in more recent years Uha explored a hodgepodge of different topics—such as number theory and cryptography. In 2020, he received PhD with thesis entitled Arithmetic properties of partitions and representations of integers by binary quadratic forms


PhD student

  1. Abdul Hadi (2022-) (Co-promotor) Topic: RSA over Eisenstein Integer

Master student

  1. Yosua Feri Wijaya (2021-2022) (Supervision) Topic: Partitions with Designated Summands and Some of Its Development
  1. Aisyah Nooravieta Setiawan (2022-2023) (Co-supervision) Topic: –

Undergraduate student

  1. Naelufa Syifwa Wifaqotul Muna (2021) (Supervision) Topic: On Partitions with Designated Summands
  1. Maria Ayu Rosari (2021-2022) (Supervision) Topic: Eigenvector of Companion and Double Companion Matrix
  1. Fiszedta Putri Kinanti Topic: MATRU : An NTRU – based Cryptosystem


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He (co-)authored around 6 journal articles and 5 refereed contributions to proceedings or book chapters; see also his Google Scholar(link) page for further information