Indah Emilia Wijayanti



Indah Emilia Wijayanti has been started her career as a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1994. She was a Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) scholarship holder for the doctoral program in Germany. Her dissertation entitled Coprime Comodules was successfully completed in 2006 at the Mathematisches Institut, Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf. 

After that she plays some active roles to develop research in algebra. She was the coordinator of the Indonesian Algebra Society (Komunitas Peminat Aljabar, KPA) from 2007 – 2011. Moreover, she is also active in the professional organization, i.e. the Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS). Currently, she has the mandate as President of IndoMS for the period 2020-2022. She is  also the Editor in Chief of the Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society (JIMS) (2019 – present). 

In the Department of Mathematics, she leads for developing the Algebra Research Group for two periods and more  (2007 – 2010, 2011 – 2015, 2022 – 2025). In 2016 – 2021 she became Secretary of the Mathematics Department. 

Her commitment to developing algebra research can be seen from several research grants she  received including the DAAD for the Re-Invitation Program (2013) in Germany and the Fulbright Senior Research Program (2016) for research visits to the Ohio University Center of Ring Theory and its Applications (OCRA), Athens, USA. Moreover, she also a grantee for several Indonesian research grant scheme, e.g. Hibah Penelitian Dasar, Hibah Penelitian Pasca Doktor, Hibah Penelitian Disertasi Doktor, Hibah Penelitian Tesis Magister, Hibah Penelitian PMDSU, World Class Professor (B), Hibah Rekognisi Tugas Akhir.    

She was confirmed as a professor of mathematics on September 15, 2020 with an inaugural speech entitled Research and the Role of Abstract Algebra in the Development of Science in the Present and Future.


Research interests

During her doctorate, Indah Emilia Wijayanti did some observation in prime ring and module also  their dualizations, namely coprime comodule and coalgebra. After she finished her study, she has developed various primeness of  (sub)modules, for example weakly prime (sub)modules, endoprime (sub)modules, endocoprime (sub) modules. 

She also has studied the clean ring and module, and dualized the notions into comodules and coalgebras. She looked into the structures involved in her research and found that there is a very strong relationship between the category of module and its ground ring. Using the concept of  generator and the generalization, she obtain a significant result is the emergence of a definition of a relative basis which is expected to accommodate modules which has no conventional basis. 

Recently, she conducts the ring fractions and types of orders, which were then generalized to become fraction modules over ring orders. The generalization of Dedekind and Krull domain are observed.  

As applications, she studies post-quantum cryptography, for examples NTRU, Matrix NTRU, GTRU and some kind of lattice based cryptography which involves algebraic structures. 

Starting from derivation on ring and its modification, she is interested in derivation on module as the generalization. Moreover, she is looking after the application in quantum physics and C*-algebra. 



Graduated Doctoral Students in Latest Five Years : 

  1. Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo (2014-1018) (Promotor)

Topic : Necessary and  Sufficient  Conditions  for U(*k) to Coincide With the Prime Radical Beta.

2. Sutopo (2011 – 2018) (Co-promotor)

Topic : Graded N-Prime Submodules (Submodul Bertingkat N-Prima)

3. Atun Ismarwati (2011 – 2018) (Co-promotor)

Topic : Nice Modules as the Generalization of Clean Modules (Sifat – Sifat Modul Bagus Sebagai Pengembangan Modul Bersih)

4. Fitriani (2015-2019) (Promotor)

Topic : U-Free Modules (Modul U-Bebas)

5. Na’imah Hijriyati  (2015-2020) (Co-promotor)

Topic : Representation of Ring on Module over Ring with Unity (Representasi Ring pada Modul atas Ring dengan Elemen Satuan)

6. Nikken Prima Puspita  (2017-2021) (Promotor)

Topic : Clean Comodules and Clean Coalgebras

7. Ida Kurnia Waliyanti (2012 – 2022) (Promotor)

Topic : Derivation on Modules, Modules over Non-associative Ring and Its Application on Mathematical Construction in Quantum Mechanics (Modul Derivatif, Modul Atas Ring Non-Asosiatif, dan Terapannya dalam  Perumusan Matematik Bagi Mekanika Kuantum)


Doctoral students : 

  1. Musthofa (2019 – ) (Promotor)

Topic : Explicitely Determination of Minimal Polynomial of Modified De Bruijn Sequence  (Penentuan Eksplisit Polinomial Minimal Dari Barisan De Bruijn Biner Termodifikasi)

2. Mu’amar Musa Nurwigantara (2020 – ) (Promotor)

Topic : Arithmetic Module over Non-commutative Ring  (Teori Modul Aritmetika atas Ring Non-Komutatif)

3. Yunita Septriana Anwar (2020 – ) (Promotor)

Topic : Topological M-Injective Module (Modul M-Injektif Topologis)

4. Dian Ariesta Yuwaningsih (2021 – ) (Promotor)

Topic : Dualization of Clean Modules (Dualisasi Modul Bersih)


Postdoctoral Students :

  1. Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo (2020 – 2022 ) (Promotor) 

Topic : Morita Context Ring as a Jacobson Radical (Tinjauan Ring Konteks Morita Sebagai Radikal Jacobson)

2. Nikken Prima Puspita (2021 – 2022) (Promotor)

Topic : Clean Bialgebra and Clean Hopf Module (Bialjabar Bersih dan Modul Hopf Bersih)


Graduated Master Students in Latest Three Years :


  1. Kholida Khoirunnisa (2017 – 2019) (Supervisor)

Topic : Basic Ideal Construction  (Pembuat Ideal Mendasar)

2. Novita Dahoklory (2017 – 2019) (Supervisor)

Topic : Morita context as an Order in a Simple Artinian Ring  (Ring Konteks Morita Sebagai Order dalam Suatu Ring Artin Sederhana)

3. Valentino Risali (2018 – 2020) (Supervisor)

Topic : Existence of Closure Topological Group Mapping and Topological Module (Eksistensi Pemetaan Penutup Grup Topologis dan Modul Topologis)

4. Carolin Dwija Novandini (2019 – 2022) (Supervisor)

Topic : Star Operation on Modules (Operasi Star pada Modul)

5. Era Setya Cahyati (2020 – 2022) (Supervisor)

Topic : Total Graph on a Module Relative to Its Subsets (Graf Total atas Modul Relatif Terhadap Himpunan-Himpunan Bagiannya)


Master student

  1. Regita Agustin Wahyu Fibriyanti (2020 – ) (Supervisor)

Topic : Nilpotent Graph of Ring (Graf Nilpoten Suatu Ring)



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See also her Scopus and Google Scholar(link) page for further information :