Dr. Sumardi, M.Si. is an Associate Professor in the Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty at the Gadjah Mada University and member of the Computational and Applied Research Group in the Department of Mathematics. He was Chair of the Computational Mathematics and Statistics Laboratory (2012-2016) and then Chair of the Computational Mathematics Laboratory (2016-2021).

His expertise is in the field of the numerical method, computational differential equation and the development of mathematical models of shallow water equation using partial differential equations.


Research interests

Current research interests include computational differential equation, numerical method, machine learning and their applications. Present focus is solving differential equations with artificial neural networks.



PhD student

  1. Munadi(2015-2021) (Co-supervision and co promotor)

Topic: Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Methods (Drbem) For Stationer Water Infiltration Problems From Single Irrigation Channels

  1. Syamsudin (2021-) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic : Copula


Master student

  1. Ahmat Saiful Latif (2019-2020) (Supervision and Promotor)

Topic: Solving Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Using Legendre Neural Network DDY2 Method

  1. Erny Rahayu Wijayanti (2019-2021) (Supervision and promotor) dual degree with Kanazawa University, Japan.

Topic: Finite Element Approximation for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

  1. Sitti Muharini (2020-2022) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Kernel Least Mean Square (KLMS) Algorithm for Solving First and Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations

  1. Dahlia Istiqomah(2018-2020) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Mathematical Model of Influenza with Treatment

  1. Arnasyitha Yulianti Soelistya (2018-2019) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Numerical Solution of the Two-Layer Shallow-Water Equation Using Finite Volume Method

  1. Dwisunu Prayitnoi (2018-2019) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Simulations of Shallow Water Equations by Finite Difference Weno Schemes With Multilevel Time Discretization

  1. Helena Devi Ariyani (2018-2019) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Convergence Analysis of Adomian Modification Method for The Second Type Nonlinear Volterra Integral

  1. Nikmah Alfi Nahdiya (2017-2019) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Numerical Simulation of pulsatile flow of blood in a porous-saturated stenosis artery

  1. Hilda Paramita (2017-2018) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Basin of Attraction from Modification of Variant Chebyshev-Halley Method

  1. Ida Wahidah (2017-2018) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Numerical Simulation of the Sisko Model for the steady flow of blood in porous

  1. Pristi Sasanti (2017-2018) (Supervision and promotor)

Topic: Direct Runge Kutta (RKD) Methods for Directly Solving Special Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations Y”’=F(X,Y)



  1. S Latif, Sumardi, I Solekhudin, A Suparwanto, 2021, Solving Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Using Legendre Neural Network DDY2 Method, Engineering Letters 29 (3)Publication 2
  2. M Munadi, I Solekhudin, S Sumardi, A Zulijanto, 2020, A numerical study of steady infiltration from a single irrigation channel with an impermeable soil layer, Engineering Letters 28(3), pp. 1-8
  3. Sumardi, I Solekhudin, A Suparwanto, 2019, Capturing Multi-Valued Solutions Of Shallow Water Equation By Level Set Method, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS), 111(1), pp. 0972-0871

He (co-)authored around 19 journal articles and refereed contributions to proceedings see also his Google Scholar ( page for further information