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Dr.rer.nat. Yeni Susanti is an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta Indonesia. She has joined the Department since 2002 until today. Her expertise is in the field of algebra, particularly semigroup theory and combinatorics (graph theory). Her undergraduate and master degrees were received from Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta Indonesia in 2002 and 2005, respectively. She received scholarship from DAAD Germany (2010-2013) for her doctoral study at the Institute for Mathematics University of Potsdam Germany and completed her doctoral study in November 2013. 


Research interests

Her initial research interest was semigroup theory. And recently she explored also graph theory, particularly in labelling (total edge irregular labelling on some classes of graphs and some other labelling) and algebraic graph (some algebraic graphs over groups and over semigroups)


PhD Students 

  1. Lucia Ratnasari (2017-2022) (Co-supervision and co promotor)

     Topic: Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Some Book Graphs and Modified Book Graphs 

  1. Yogo Dwi Prasetyo (2018-now) (Co-supervision and Co-promotor)

     Topic: Inner Local Exponent of Some Particular Graphs 

  1. Titik Suparwati (2022-now) (Supervision and Promotor)

Topic: On Some Prime Power Cayley Graphs 


Master Students 

  1. Abdurakhim (2016) (Supervision) Topic: –
  2. Ade Ima Afifah (2016) (Supervision) Topic: Green Relations and Natural Order Relation on the Semigroup of Transformations with Restriction Range.
  3. Yulia Indah Puspitasari (2016) (Supervision) Topic: On the Congruence of Distributive Lattice of Semirings with Semilattice Additive Reduct
  4. Agus Wayan (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Reductive Congruence Relation
  5. Husnul Khotimah (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Double Fan Graphs
  6. Riyan Wicaksana Putra (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Uniform Centralized Theta Graphs
  7. Lingga Gita Dwikasari (2018) (Supervision) Topic: On the Rank of Finite One Dimensional Cellular Automata Group
  8. Deddy Rachmadi (2018) (Supervision) Topic: k-Metric Dimension of Fan Graphs
  9. Sulistyo Dwi Sancoko (2018) (Supervision) Topic: Antimagic Distance Labelling on Some Particular Graphs
  10. Hardina Sandariria (2019) (Supervision) Topic: Super H-Magic Labelling on Some Particular Graph
  11. Febyola (2020) (Supervision) Topic: Jensen Functional Equation on Symmetric Groups and Free Groups
  12. Firdha Nurhidayah (2021) (Supervision) Topic: k-Prime Labelling on Some Path Union Graphs
  13. Niswah Qonita (2022) (Supervision) Topic: Bipartite Graphs Associated to Elements and Cosets of Groups


Undergraduate Students 

  1. Farhan Masrur (Supervision) Topic: Solution of Homogenous Linear Differential Equation and Companion Matrix
  2. Lutfina Sahroni (2007) (Supervision) Topic: Solution of Linear Equation over Maxplus Algebra using Cramer Rule
  3. Dora Pranujayanti (2007) (Supervision) Topic: Natural Transformation and Morita Duality 
  4. Nikken Prima Puspita (2007) (Supervision) Topic: Nearring of Group Object and Cogroup Object of Category
  5. Fitria (2008) (Supervision) Topic: On the Eigen Problem of Interval matrices over Maxplus Algebra
  6. Wahyu Adzimah (2008) (Supervision) Topic: On the Concept of Finite Dimensional Algebra
  7. Rita Destiana (2010) (Supervision) Topic: Ferrero Pair and BIBD
  8. Ratna Mawarti (2009) (Supervision) Topic: Planar Nearring and Ferrero Pair
  9. Reno Febrianty Anssory (2009) (Supervision) Topic: On the Concept of Petri Net
  10. Diah Pandu Ratna (2009) (Supervision) Topic: Graphs and Matrices over Maxplus Algebra
  11. Syahidan Suyudi Widodo (2008) (Supervision) Topic: Dinamyc Oligopoly with Certain Condition 
  12. Rahmadani S. Permata (2013) (Supervision) Topic: Semigroup of Transformations Preserving Double Equivalence Relations 
  13. Frihadi Bashirsyah (2013) (Supervision) Topic: Noetherian Rings and Artinian Rings 
  14. Zahirotul Kamiliyah (2014) (Supervision) Topic: Triple Semigroups  
  15. Yudistira Arisa Anugraha (2014) (Supervision) Topic: Ordered Semigroup Satisfying Right Commutativity and Right Cancellative Property
  16. Yogi Syafri Can Putra (2016) (Supervision) Topic: Finite Transformation Semigroups
  17. Astuti Apriliyani (2014) (Supervision) Topic: On the Regularity and Green Relations of Semigroup of Transformations Preserving Reverse Equivalence Relations 
  18. Ariffah Nur Himawati (2015) (Supervision) Topic: Anti Inverse Semigroups and p-Semigroups as the Generalization of Anti Inverse Semigroups
  19. Fajar Nur Ahmad (2016) (Supervision) Topic: Completely Inversed AG_L^** -Grupoid 
  20. Wedar Pamularsih (2016) (Supervision) Topic: Conjugation on Semigroup of Partial Transformations
  21. Athahira Rahmadhani (2016) (Supervision) Topic: LA-Semigroups and LA-Semigroups Generated by Free Semigroups 
  22. Ade Suprapto Laia Putra (2017) (Supervision) Topic: On the Green Relations, Regularity, and Abundancy of Quasi onto Transformation Semigroup
  23. Laila Nur Fitriana (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Rough Set on Semigroups 
  24. Muhammad Sirul (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Edge Irregularity Strength of Corona Graphs
  25. Yanuz Nur Chalik (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Perfect Factorization on Circulant Graphs
  26. Adrian Wahyu Dewanto (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Magic Labelling on Some Graphs
  27. Nur Hikamiah Abdia (2017) (Supervision) Topic: Complete Regular Semirings
  28. Indah Megawati (2018) (Supervision) Topic: Edge Graceful Labelling on Some Path Graphs
  29. Mohamad Fahruli Wahyujati (2018) (Supervision) Topic: On the L(j,k) Number of Path Square Graphs
  30. Resita Sri Wahyuni (2018) (Supervision) Topic: On the Convergence of Clique Graphs
  31. Maulida Rahmasari (2019) (Supervision) Topic: Irregular Total Labelling on Some Graphs
  32. Sufyan Sidiq (2019) (Supervision) Topic: Reflexive Labelling on Some Graphs 
  33. Mara Hidayati (2019) (Supervision) Topic: On the Semigroup of n-Ary Operations on Two Element Sets
  34. Krishna Zada Kurniawan (2019) (Supervision) Topic: H-Irregularity Strength of Ladder Graphs and Fan Graphs
  35. Niswah Qonita (2019) (Supervision) Topic: E-Super Magic of Some Generalized Graphs 
  36. Agista Surya Bawana (2020) (Supervision) Topic: Noncoprime Graphs over Groups
  37. Laura Haryo (2020) (Supervision) Topic: Reflexive Edge Strength of Some Graphs
  38. Muhammad Arinal Haq (2021) (Supervision) Topic: Rainbow Connectivity of Non-Commuting Graphs over Groups
  39. Muhammad Faiz Zulfan Sholihin (2021) (Supervision) Topic: Radio Number of Some Graphs
  40. Muhammad Rasyaddany Prasetyo (2022) (Supervision) Topic: Edge δ-Labelling on Modified Cyclic Graphs
  41. Arizka Yuliana (2022) (Supervision) Topic: Magic Graphs over Groups
  42. Mei Mega Utami (2022) (Supervision) Topic: k-Token Graphs of Graphs 
  43. Silvina Rosita Yulianti (2022) (Supervision) Topic: Square Element Graphs of Semigroups 



Selected Publications

  1. Riyan Wicaksana Putra, Yeni Susanti, 2018, On Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Centralized Uniform Theta Graphs, AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics, volume 15 (1) page 7-13.  
  2. Yeni Susanti, Yulia Indah Puspitasari, Husnul Khotimah, 2020, On Edge Irregularity Strength of Staircase Graphs and Related Graphs, Iranian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, Volume 15, Issue 1 (4). 
  3. Prasetyo, Y.D., Wahyuni, S., Susanti,. Y., Palupi, D.J.E., 2021, Incoming Local Exponent if Two-cycle Bicolour Hamiltonian Digraph with a Difference of 2n+1 and Four Red Arcs, IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics Vol. 51 (3). 
  4. Lucia Ratnasari, Yeni Susanti, 2020, Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Ladder Related Graphs, Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 13 (04).


She authored and co-authored around 30 articles and a book (see at the following links.)

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